Appellate Law

You have been through the litigation process and you are not satisfied with the outcome. If we assisted in your matter, we are confident that we have anticipated possible appellate challenges and laid the foundation for legal arguments, preserving issues for review on appeal. Even if we did not participate in the original matter, allow us to take your matter to the next level as we provide you with sound analysis and strategy. We will write effective briefs and deliver compelling oral arguments as we thoroughly and thoughtfully educate you about the process. OurĀ appellate practice includes:

  • Cases of first impression
  • Labor & Employment Law issues
  • Post-conviction criminal appeals
  • Preparation of merits and amicus briefs
  • Preparation of petitions for certiorari
  • Writs of mandamus

We will produce arguments and briefs that are not only meticulously researched, logically developed and correctly attuned to specific courts and boards, but also highly readable and engaging to busy appellate judges.

We also represent third parties with significant interests in the outcome of pending appeals.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.